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Player Recommendations

If you like a rich media experience, cover art and artist & title information with your music, we recommend using the best player out there:  StreamS HiFi Radio player.  It's $4.99 in the Apple app store and provides a multitude of features, including the ability to play our xHE-AAC and surround sound streams.  There are also a variety of free players available.  See the gallery above for our top recommendations.

While we provide player buttons for desktop listeners, you can use your mobile device for listening in the car or on earphones.  The Apple iOS and Android OS have decent adaptive bit rate players that will stream KFREE directly when you tap a player icon on our home page.  Know that they are sensitive to spotty cell coverage though, and the StreamS player excels under these conditions.  You can test your device's native player by tapping the button below.

xHE-AAC Streams: The dog's pajamas. Hear it like a hound!

The StreamS HiFi Radio player is our top recommendation for listening on your Apple phone or tablet.  Our directory-listed 48kbps xHE-AAC stream is optimized for Bluetooth connection to your car audio system.  You can also put the following URLs into the player's 'Enter URL' feature to hear the streams we provide with different bit rates.  Each one has been carefully optimized for quality vs. data consumption:

80kbps [high quality xHE-AAC]:

128kbps [high quality AAC]:

256kbps [best quality AAC]:

The StreamS player also handles cell service dead zones or 'nulls' very gracefully, meaning fewer interruptions in areas of spotty service.  The player's $4.99 price is an excellent value and your ears will thank you!