Cost and Excessive Competition Killed Corporate Radio

We Don't Operate Above Our Means

KFREE is designed and engineered with the very best, most efficient HTTP streaming technology which costs far less than the equipment, energy and overhead required to run a traditional radio station.

We Don't Want Your Money

There's no subscription for listeners (and there never will be) and no charge for promotional mentions.  Barter arrangements exist where they are mutually beneficial.

We Don't Waste Your Time

Whether it be with 12-minute commercial breaks or frequent sponsorship interruptions, we don't hold listeners hostage while we chase advertising dollars.

We Don't Watermark

Digital (HTTP) radio does not need to watermark the audio to measure its audience.  The war for ad dollars has sparked a watermarking war on traditional radio, which is ruining its sound.

We Don't Cheat

With private funding, KFREE pays artists and writers for use of their music under four separate licenses from rights management agencies.

We Don't Discriminate

The KFREE team is made up of broadcast professionals from all walks of life who are in it for the audience. Radio based on this philosophy can and will survive the worst competitive market conditions.